Company Profile & Service

IDEAPAK CO., LTD. is one of the leading Compostable/Biodegradable and Disposable food packaging and supplies manufacturer for the food service industry from Taiwan. We develop wide ranges of innovative and value-added packaging products for our customers all over the world. 


We provide and serve the following main products as below :


* Compostable/Microwavable/Ovenable Bagasse Paper Pulp Container/Plate/Tray/Bowl.
* PLA Hot (Cold) Paper Cup and Compostable CPLA Lid. (Single-Wall, Double-Wall/ Customized Printing)
* Compostable PLA Reusable/Dishwash machine washable Injection Tablewares (Plate/Tray/Bowl/Cup/Saucer/Chopsticks/Spoon)
* Compostable CPLA Straws/Paper Straws/Disposable PP Straws.
* Compostable PLA Cup and Lid/Disposable PP and PET Cup and Lid.
* Compostable PLA Cutlery/Disposable PS/PP Cutleries.
* Disposable PP Microwavable Injection, thermoforming Containers and Lid.
* Disposable PS/PET/OPS Food/Sushi/Salad/Deli/Tray/Container.
* Disposable Clear PS Dessert Cup and Lid
* Disposable Hygiene PVC/PE Gloves, PE/CPE Gloves/Apron/Sleeves, Mob Cap, Shoes. Cover
* Semi-auto, Auto Sealing/Filling Machines and Sealing Film.
* Other inquiries you might have.


We save the planet...



As a food packaging supplier, we’re responsible providing the Eco-Friendly Packaging, like : Biodegradable paper pulp (Bagasse) products, PLA (Polylactic Acid) Corn Starch related packaging products. We produce the Green Packaging Products and reduce the wastes and greenhouse effect for our environment in order to make us a better life and also for our children’s next generation.


We commit the high quality, hygiene products and meet customers’ satisfaction. All our products are inspected by the experienced Q.C. department staffs and make sure the products are well-produced, packed, loaded and shipped.







We hope we’d have the opportunity of serving you in the near future. Thank you !!!